We have an endtime conference coming up in between January and february and people who love our our ministry have started facilitating the progress of the conference. Brother and Sister C. A Childers from South Point, Ohio already had materials in large quantity sent to us and we are still expecting more people to come up with material and funds to make this conference a success. We will be glad to present to the people your material if they agree to what we believe concerning the endtime of which you can find them here on the website. God bless you as you support us. please visit our support us page for more information on how to support us.

Please pray for the success of these conferences and also support us to make it a reality. Your support might to make your auditorium available for our use. God bless you.


Venue: SUITE 212, Uche Ayoola Plaza,
9/11 Olorunlogbon Street,
Anthony Village, Lagos, 

Registration: Free

Ministering: Evangelist Anthony Ben(Host), Pastor George Diala(Guest Speaker), Brother James Zamba(Conference Coordinator)

For Who: Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Heads of Church departments, Heads of Bible colleges, Students of Bible Colleges, Church workers and congregation and the general public.

By The grace and power of God, this programme will be coming up on a monthly bases and in different states of Nigeria, when we are able we will take it to the international. You will agree with me if you have been a bible student that we have no time and therefore whatever we are doing we are going to do fast.

Come inviting all around you. There will be free informative endtime literature for everyone especially on the first day of the conference.

For Partnerships please call +2348036219129 or visit our support page for more info.