Partners and Friends of our Ministry.

Let us have your ministry listed on this page as our partners and friends.

Dr. Carl W. Sanders Jr.
Trumpet Ministries USA.
As a gift and support to the ministry, Brother Carl has provided us with great information on DVD titled New World Order, Testimony and Technology among many others. Being the head of the group of electronic engineers who designed and developed the biochip believed to be the mark of the beast. He was latter caught by God, repented and now an evangelist warning the nations of the earth not to take the biochip.

Pastor George Diala
George Diala Outreach MInistries
Lagos, Nigeria.
Pastor George Diala is the President of George Diala Outreach MInistries based in Lagos, He has been a wonderful brother and a lover of evangelism, He has supported greatly in producing DVDs, VCDs and AUDIOs for our ministry.

Evangelist and Mrs. C. A. Childers
337 Township Road 276 North
South Point, Ohio 45680
Cell: 3046331912
Wonderful friends and brethren, supported the ministry with their books and tracts which deals with the talk of the moment "Post tribulation and other signs of the last days" free of charge, I love their teachings and some of their write ups are up on our website.

Christopher Mantei
Trinity Media, USA

For Spiritual and Human Development
120-33, 195th Street, Saint Albans,
New York 11412, USA

Dr. Murphy
120-33, 195th Street, Saint Albans,
New York 11412, USA
Big supporter and friend of the ministry, He is the proprietor of the International Bible Academy.

Pearl Ray
Harvest Age Ministries. U S A.