General Characteristics of Christian Cults

  • There are groups with big building and so many members but they are called Christian cults although they exist as churches. They have a general characteristics but some of them also have have different characteristics according to their own level in the cults. Some of them have been existing decades back and some are coming up and others are yet to come because satan can never rest until the trumpet sounds. They will continue to exist and wax strong with missionaries in every country of the world.
  • They are always waxing strong stronger than the real Christian churches around. we have many of them here in Nigeria but you have greater number of them in the United States of America according to statistics.

Let us now look into the facts that makes them cults. Don't forget they exist as churches but they deny the following doctrines of the Holy Bible.

They Deny:-

  1. 1. The Lordship of our Lord and Savior jesus Christ.
  2. 2. The death of Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary is able to save men from sin.
  3. 3. The resurrection of Jesus.
  4. 4. Salvation ( but believes in salvation by good works).
  5. 5. Trinity (despite many of it's outlines and scriptural references in the Bible)
  6. And...
  7. 6. They always stick and preach a particular portion or doctrine of the bible.
  8. 7. They are always isolated from anybody outside their fold.
  9. 8. They always have a claim that their organization or church is the only true organization.
  10. 9. They also believe that their own interpretation of the bible or other religious books is the only true interpretation.
  11. 10. Their leaders or founders are worshipped or almost worshipped.
  12. 11. They sees themselves as the best and closest to God than every other person.
  13. 12. They claim that if you don't repent and come over to them you will perish.
  14. 13. They don't believe that you can see God if you are not their member.


More Information will be coming on this as we get them.