As you can see from the number of people belonging to PostTribPeople (95), we too have 99% Christians believing in pre-trib. Let me give you some of our background and the things we experienced over the years and how God led us out of the church system, showed us the post trib coming of the Lord, and kept us during this time. I'm going to forward you the written copy of another video that I've done, but our son hasn't put it on YouTube yet, titled "Preparing for Tough Times." I trust it will speak to your heart

I was raised in church. My parents got filled with the Holy Spirit and left the Christian Missionary Alliance Church and walked up the hill to the First Assembly of God church. I went there all my life until going to Bible School at the other end of the state of Pennsylvania (northern state bordering New York). I graduated from Bible School where we sat under the teachings of Walter H. Beuttler, an excellent teacher who traveled worldwide. He may have been to your country, but I don't know. His teachings are on our website:, both in audio and written format. Both my parents passed away in my 2nd year of Bible school, and I stayed with the Beuttlers for awhile. I met my husband David at my brother's church and we were married back in 1971. He too graduated from Northeast Bible Institute in Pennsylvania, but at a later date because he first served in the military after high school. We left PA in 1978 and moved south to Richmond, VA where we joined a Christian fellowship. This is where God began to uproot us from the church system and I began searching the scriptures for answers on end-times. The Lord took us down a path we would never have chosen. I wouldn't have chosen to study end-times on my own because they were just too confusing, but one day I read in Psalms 105 about the covenant God made with Abraham over the land of Canaan. In the translation I was reading from it said He made this as an eternal covenant. I stopped and said to myself, "Eternal? I knew God had given Abraham the land forever, but I thought that was forever until the Lord returned. Here He is saying this land is going into eternity."
That was a whole new concept for me, so that started my search. Since I'm from the farm, the land is very valuable to me. With hard work, you can survive from what the land can produce for you. I would read whole books of the bible at one time, until finally one day I said to Dave, "You know, I can't find a pre-trib rapture in the bible. Now people are going to get awfully upset at me if I take away their rapture." So that's what started my search on end times. As I continuted my search, God began opening up the scriptures. It takes a revelation of the Holy Spirit to understand the scriptures. This belief in post-trib cost us many friends, and soon we were all alone. People would talk about us behind our backs, isolate and reject us, not just for the post-trib belief, but our goal was to see the Holy Spirit work among the people. If the presence of God isn't in a church gathering, what's there to meet around or for? All of this was a training process by God, which took many years. We do not attend what we call the church system, rather we have to find fellowship with whom and wherever we can. Most of my fellowship is with a couple of women from other states. Jenny Todd (the woman in the video chats with me) lives in California. We're on the east coast, she's on the west, thousands of miles away. Another women lives in PA. We've paid a very dear price for the knowledge of God, but wouldn't trade it for the world. Pastors would go out of their way to warn people against us. I had written a little book called "Jesus Is Coming" about end times. I handed it to one young pastor and he threw it down on the table saying, "I don't want to read any of that garbage." I simply picked up the book and walked away. Some day he may want some of that garbage. We don't attend church for several reasons: 1) there isn't any fellowship there; 2) the spirit of antichrist has so infiltrated the mentality of the people, we no longer fit--that spirit of control; 3) the presence of God is no longer present, and the people don't even miss Him; 4) it grieves me too much to see how the Lord is treated in church. I told Him, "Lord, You have to see this, but it grieves me too much and I don't care to look at it any more." 5) the church system is actually under the jurisdiction of the IRS and is structured according to their rules not the scripture.Not until you get out of the church system for awhile does your eyes open to all that you were blind to while involved in it. We thought to start our own church, but that didn't work either because the people are accustomed to a certain way of worship and until God does something, our hands are tied. When Dave and I would discuss these things, we always came up with the same conclusion. We wish things weren't the way they are, but it still boiled down to the fact that God had to change people--words were not going to move them. So we tried to plant seeds, then leave it up to the Lord to give the increase. God had provided us with a strong foundation and a determination to serve the Lord and love Him above everything else, and that carried us through a lot of heartache. You can read about some of it in my booklet online titled, Entangled in Unexpected Places." No amount of money can change people's minds. You will have to realize what you're dealing with. The pre-trib doctrine is demonic, a doctrine of demons and gives people false hopes. People can do all sorts of things and there isn't as explosive a reaction as when you come against the pre-trib doctrine. They become unusually angry with
you. It's the demon that's angry. Know what you're dealing with. And yes, a lot of Christians are going to be slaughtered, and there's nothing you or I can do about it. The bible says Mystery Babylon was drunk with the blood of the saints. You don't get drunk by sipping alcohol a little today, a little tomorrow. You get drunk by drinking a lot at one time. You see the risk Christians face is that the false prophet who enforces the mark of the beast comes from Christianity. False prophet of what religion? It's one so close to the real thing Jesus said, "If possible it could deceive the very elect." We've concluded only an act of God can open people's eyes. More and more people are having their eyes opened. In our country, there is a man named Walid Shoebat who is openly teaching post trib from a Mideast mindset. I don't agree with all his conclusions about end times, but he does have some very good and original concepts on end times, and seems well received in some Christian circles. He was a former terrorists and God got a hold of his heart turning his life around. He does have a website you can visit and see for yourself. He lives on the west coast someplace, can't remember. The fact that he was a former terrorists intrigued people to listen to him. God works in mysterious ways to open people's eyes. Because he turned away from being a Muslim, and also effective as a Christian speaker, his life is under threat and he lives under the scrutiny of our present government. Christians are coming under persecution in our country from government authorities, whereas Muslim, although not accepted by the people as a whole, are better protected by the govt. President Obama is a Muslim and communist, and things are becoming more difficult in our country as a result. We're just watching how things are happening trying to see what God is doing in it all, because we know He is in control and uses judgment to bring people to Himself. We watch what happens politically, but our priority is the propagation of the Kingdom of God. Although I don't want to see bad things happen in a country, if that's what it takes to open people's eyes, then so be it. God has it all
under control. Our experience has been mainly one on one talking with people. They either accept or reject what we have to say, but seeds have been planted. Others may harvest from those seeds, but we have to do what God wants us to do, and our reward is with Him. We refuse to build our own kingdom because that would make us a traitor to our King. If He builds us, that's one thing, if our goal is to build our own kingdom, that becomes a snare and a trap. It does put us in a waiting mode, but we do what we can, God has to give the increase. I'm so glad the teachings are a blessing to you. God has given us promises, which to date have not been fulfilled, and we hang onto those promises believing He knows what He's doing a whole lot better than we do. I've got to go now. I'm taking care of one of our grandsons today who is home sick from school. This is written in bits and pieces, but hopefully you can understand what I'm trying to tell you. We know what its like not to belong to a church group and be alone, but the Lord has been near and opened up His word to us and we wouldn't trade that for any amount of belonging in the world. We belong to Him, and that's what's important.