About Our Team

  • Evangelist Anthony Ben

    Evangelist Anthony Ben is the President and Founder of the Endtime Global Evangelistic Association. With the gift of understanding and wisdom from the Lord and also a call to the endtime ministry He leads the ministry and also serves an endtime conference speaker.

  • Pastor Richard Ejiekpe
    Vice President
    Pastor Richard Ejiekpe is the Vice-President of the Endtime Global Evangelistic Association. He is an author with several books to his credit, He is also a down to earth bible teacher.


  • Sister Blessing
    Head Of Operations

    Sister Blessing is heading the operational Department of the Ministry.





1. Teaching all men how to make heaven.
2. Rekindling the fire of heavenly consciousness worldwide.
3. Reaching out to believers, unbelievers and unchurched people with the message of the endtime through crusades and outreaches.
4. Organizing a ground shaking and an eye opening endtime crusade and outreaches.
5. Partnering with like minded people and ministries to organize crusades and conferences.
6. Bringing the so-called dynamic Pastors back to way of righteousness and holiness.



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About Our Ministry

The Endtime Global Evangelistic Association is a non-denominational organization Preaching the Gospel, Teaching the undiluted Word, Contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 3, Endtime Global Evangelistic Association is also in the business of networking with ministries to bring God's word to the unreached, Organizing endtime crusades and conference son our own and in partnership with like minded christians and ministries, Leadership conferences, Missions Trips, partnering with bible institutions to Distribute Bibles to the un reached nations. We are here mainly to teach all men how to make heaven, to warn all people not to take the biochip (for that is the mark of the beast) and the implication of taking it and also to make sure you will make it with the Lord at the rapture. We also teach on subject of post-tribulation so as to prepare the saints to face what tribulation will bring their way. If the saints are well informed about the tribulation it will afford them the strength to go through it and come out victoriously. Moreover the Endtime Global Evangelistic Association, is currently teaching the people the tricks behind technological breakthrough, the biochip and bringing all the fulfillment and manifestations of the endtime prophecies clearer to the people comparing them with daily news and occurrences. Endtime Global Evangelistic Association is out to welcome any ministry willing to partner with us for the good of the gospel, we will partner with any ministry to take the word of God to any part of the world. The coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is at hand and also nearer than ever and many are out there unreached and unsaved and here we are sparing our selves and many are perishing, therefore come with us. Please contact us. The pictures on the screen are the people God is using to move the ministry on.

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