Human Relations in the Church (A poison pill that kills the church)

This is another way the devil is dealing with the church, and the Christendom, some people have a special recognition while others don't by the leaders of the church and even within the members of the church. This is just because some highly placed in the society, some are highly educated and some of them knows the highly placed officials of the church, some even will buy their way into any position in the church with their money so long as they can get across those who matters in the church blessing them with huge amount of money.

If you are not in these categories mentioned above you may not be considered as anybody no matter the presence of God around you, no matter how you manifest in the gift and spirit of God. if you are poor and not worthy of recognition from anybody then you have to strive to have the special and best possible form of recognition from the Almighty God Himself. when God knows you as His child no rejection from humans will amount to anything because the foolishness of God the wisdom of man. 1Corinthians 1:25 "Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men".

Human relations in the Church have taken away what christianity should have been today, Jesus Christ was and is still the role model for us the Christians and we all should follow the examples laid by Him. He is the Son of the Most High yet He never classify Himself higher than anybody around Him when He was here on earth. The bible told us that He was meek and gentle, He is always available for both great and small and most times the poor. He always meets them at their point of needs. Human relations have automatically and systematically removed the authority given to pastors by God to rightly divide the word of God, the word of truth. They do not preach sermons that will offend some set of people in the church neither will they take decisions that will go against the financial powers in the church.

The Apostle Paul commanded anybody holding the office of God to preach the gospel without reservation, favor and to do just that in season and out of season even to rebuke when necessary. 2Timothy 4:2 "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine". Today some leaders of some churches can't discipline some members of the church and also have no free hand and courage to stand firmly and boldly to preach whatsoever the message God has for the people. Some people in the church are classified righteous, good and generous brethren because of their involvement in providing finance to run the church, his spiritual state before God notwithstanding. We should be careful to know how to handle this very matter in the church of the living God. This thing called human relation has eaten deep into the bones and marrows of the church and is poised to do more harm if not properly handled and deleted from the hard disk of the church.

It will be good for the people who run the church of God to understand that they are not dealing with human being but the Alpha and Omega, God the creator of the Universe. Some preachers have been called by God to preach fire power messages to the people but due to the human relation issue they become as cold as the ice and as a result they failed God who called for a purpose, so if you are one of them as you read this may God touch you to turn back to please Him who called you and not to please humans. In the new testament, we have so many role models we can follow their footsteps and it will lead us aright, we have the Apostles and disciples and most importantly the Apostle Paul. Human relation factor and money is turning Christianity into another thing entirely. Human relation is a silent killer of the church, the leaders may not even know it or they may even know it but their pockets are in trouble if they do anything in that regard. Some leaders knows this very well but can't do anything against it because of reasons best known to them. Some leader may not like to do anything to stop that ugly trend just because they want to stay recognized by the members of their congregation and their fellow ministers of the gospel.

Human relations factor has been a major problem which drove the Spirit of God from the Church, if your board of trustees are carnal men and are chosen according to how related they are to leaders of the church or how influential they are in the society, be sure you will have no input of the Holy Spirit in your decision making. Human relation opposes anything called God's opinion in His Church. I plead in God's stead here that every pastor or church leader, as you read this write up please do something if you have this problem in your church otherwise God will not have pleasure in your service.

This thing called Human relation is the reason why the church has no influence in the society at large and even in the government, God hates Human relation with a passion because it takes away the relationship of God with His church, it keeps God out of the way for humans to do what they pleases with the things of God. Deuteronomy 4:24 "For the LORD thy God [is] a consuming fire, [even] a jealous God".


Another Factor which kills the church like HIV/AIDS is Status Quo or "our own way of doing it" or structures, this factor for long has been another major cause of disobedience to the voice of God and directives from the Holy Spirit, status quo is something that makes sure that the people does not listen to God, God is not a God of status quo, God has a unlimited ways of doing His work and therefore cannot be limited.

For example in a church where there is a structured way of choosing leaders into leadership roles and it is said that a general overseer must be chosen from those who must have been a state overseers and must have attained to a certain age therefore someone who is not on this level must not see himself as becoming a general overseer just like that, the trustees and the people does not think that such a thing can happen, now tell me if God now comes up in His own way and infinite wisdom and chose someone who He has trained in the background as He did to David, what do you think those who believed in structures or status quo will do in that case, now I know you are going to tell me that God is not a God of confusion and cannot do such a thing, before you arrive to that conclusion remember the story Samuel, David and his brothers in 1Samuel 16, Status quo in Israel demands that Eliab should be anointed king. According to status quo in Israel, David was not expected to be anointed a king in the midst of his brothers being the last of them all but God has HIs own way and thank God someone like samuel is the person in-charge in God's stead.

Status Quo as well as Human relations suppose to be eradicated from the church so that the church can be open to hear God and obey directives from the Holy Spirit. I rest my case. God bless His Church.