What a time to be alive as we watch the system that will be the substitute government of the Antichrist grow before our own very eyes, We do not have a problem with the face that Jesus Christ will have a true one world government. Why then do we have a problem with the fact that the antichrist is soberly working with determination to establish his system, which he calls "GLOBAL GOVERNMENT"? The name is intended to mask his real intent. The word of God shows us that the antichrist system will be established. Revelation 13:16 says that the people of the world will follow the antichrist and recieve a mark. Revelation 13:17 says that without this mark, you will not be able to but or sell. Now my question to you is, WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO DO THE ACOUNTING? We see that Revelation 17:12,13 tells us of ten kings who all have one mind and give their power unto the beast. Could it be? Remember, the antichrist wants to replace Christ not to co-exist with Him.

Just how evident are the steps of the antichrist and how far has he gone towards the establishment of his one world government? Global concerns are recieving greater attention, such as the need for world-wide control of the environmet. Global banking is presently in place and international treaties are establishing unified world economic regions. Religious are rapidly eroding. The pieces are in place and the time is at hand.

There seems to be an acceleration of important in world politics. What is happening is happening fast. President Clinton made a statement that he had done more in the first year of office than had been done in the previous forty years.
The United States of America have now taken down most barriers in the abortion and homosexuals are well on the way to being classed as a minority, Which could require each employer to hire a sufficient quota of homosexuals. They now have condoms in school. Yet, they have the highest teen age pregnancy in history.
Not only are all these events progress rapidly, but we have seen little opposition to any program, i.e. The Brady Bill, the NAFTA agreement and also on the international side, there seems to be a great movement with a lot of ease.
Could it be that this was all planned from that Bilderberger meeting when Clinton recieved their endorsement? If that's the case, then what's next?.

Is one world governemt next, and if so, what are the signs of one world government? In order to answer this question, we must first ask some basic question.

1. What is the one world governemt? (definitions)
2. When will it happen? (or is it happening)
3. Who will be in charge? (or are they already in charge)
4. Will it affect America? (aren't they protected by God?)
5. Will I be affected? (my personal bank account? my home?)
6. What does the world tells me to do? (fill your barns and guard them)
7. What does Christian leadership say to do? (fill your barn and guard them -----but gold)
8. What does the bible say to do? (bake bread ---- it could but a bag of Gold)
9. Is this one of the signs of the last days? (isn't this a matter of opinion?)

It is important to establish that there are two views of history and events. The first is that there is no conspiracy and all that has happened was either accidental or by chance. These chance events would include World War 1, Word War 11, the Korean war, the Vietnam war and more than168 wars that are going on all over the world today. There is, however, a SECOND view ---- there has been and is flourishing today a very sophisticated and well planned conspiracy that is moulding and shaping us into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which will have absolute control of all aspect of life: political, social and religious. "these three legged milk stool" One of the one World Government is one of the signs of the last days before the return of Jesus Christ. if you have any question or will like us to bring this information amd many more to you church, call the number below. see you next week God bless you.



When we think of the antichrist, our thoughts often go to a guy in long red underwear and horn holding a pitchfork in his hand. And that is what he would want you to believe. The antichrist is smooth and clever and the bible says that he was corrupted in his beauty. So forget him looking like a double-ugly. He would want us to believe that he is disorganized, so that his workings might be missed as random plans of events. The following is a list of some of the suspect organizations, many of which typified by secret oaths and agendas, along with the relevant dates:

  • Freemasonry claim to Egypt (1390)
  • Freemasonry Scottish Rite (1395)
  • First Master Global Plan ---- Rothschild (1773)
  • Illuminati ------- Adam Weihaupt (May 1 1776)
  • Masonic alliance with illuminati (July 16 1782)
  • League of Just Men (1810)
  • Secret plan Global Society
  • skull & Bones (1833)
  • Counsil of foreign Relations (July 1921)
  • United Nations (1945)
  • Club of Rome divides world into 10 regions (1950's)
  • Bilderbergers International (1954)
  • Tri-lateral commission (July 1972).
  • with permission from
    Evang. Carl W. Sanders Jr.
    Trumpet Ministries