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Your Support Is Highly Appreciated

This ministry is a non-denominational outfit, so let it not sound to you as if you are supporting a church, we might become a church in the future but that is not what the Lord is saying for now, for now He wants us to reachout to the believers, unbelievers and the lost alike and get them prepared for eternity with Him in glory. we are mandated to go into the jungles and reach out, send the word to where we cannot reach physically. So you can imagine what your support will do in going a long way to save someone somewhere. Your support financially will enable us to come out with ground shaking crusades and conferences, Your Prayer support will go a long way to move God to touch someone somewhere to financially support this ministry. You will bear me witness that the ministry is all about expenses and as you give unto the Lord for this ministry God will graciously and abundantly bless you. Amen

This ministry runs on donations and free will offering from those who love the Lord and His work, from those who loved the work of evangelism reaching out to the lost and bringing them back to God with the truth.


1. Prayers: Praying that the spirit of God will go with the ministry in bringing more souls to kingdom which is God's heartbeat these days and also your prayers will command God's blessing and favor upon this ministry.

2. Financially: Finances gives every ministry the enablement to achieve or accomplish more. A ministry without funds is a ministry without achievement. so your support today will do a lot good in this journey.

3. Partnerships: Partnering with the ministry with your resources i.e. books, endtime documentaries and videos, end time tracts and books, used or new laptops and other ICT equipments.

4. Campaign: You can also support us by telling your friends and fellow Christians about our ministry.

For ICT support please tell us first by simply sending an email to

For things like Endtime books, tracts and videos please send them to the International Hqts address on the contact us page.

  • These days Ministries are being bought over and controlled by satan and his demons knowingly or unknowingly to their founders and leaders through donations and special offerings, therefore making donations to this ministry means that you have agreed to the following terms:-
  • 1. That the Lord Jesus Christ alone is to be worshipped.
  • 2. The Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ and that He alone is God and there is no other.
  • 3. That He is the true owner of the Church.

4. The Trinity and the shed blood of Jesus.

For Donation:


Account Number: 0140361550

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

We are using this account now pending when we get a dedicated account for this group.

God bless you as you support this ministry. Amen