Who will bail the Church

The Church is in a great mess these days and my cry is who will bail the church, who will stand for the Lord in the midst of false doctrine and teachings, in the midst of worldly displays, in the midst of church leaders taking the honor and respect due to God Almighty. Yes it is good to give honor to whom honor is due, even the bible confirms this but what happens if man is overstepping his bounds, what if they have refused to understand or as the case may be decided to cast a blind eyes over it or even didn't know it at all. What will be the fate of these men when standing in the presence of the Almighty on the last day. Question! Question!! Question!!!

With due respect to every church in existence and their leaders everywhere in the world both real and fake, I want to ask what is it that is going on there on your pulpits, is there any communion between light and darkness?. Ok you may say, we have to allow all of that because we don't want our young ones to go into the world and get lost, we want to allow them so as to keep them in church but the question is "is the Church a place to accommodate all sorts or a place to remove and change all sorts". For God's sake the church is a hospital for those who are sin sick, the Church is a place where a sinner comes and his or her sins are removed by God and then he or she becomes a new creature in Christ, the church is not a place to accommodate sin, the Church is not a place to accommodate whatever that is obtainable in the world, the church is not a place to promote worldliness in the name of grace, the church and the world is clearly a two different things standing on two separate grounds, there is no middle ground, it is either you are in or you are out. Jesus told us that we are in the world but not of them. The following scripture below points the way.

John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.
John 17:14 I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
John 17:16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

Here Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ further said if we go after things being done in the world we are not of Him And His love is not in us. 1John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Now you may ask what are those things in the world that we are not to love, those things that will take the love of the the Father from us. here read. 1John 2:16 For all that [is] in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

Now when we say lust of the flesh one may think we are talking about sexual immoralities, yes, true but it has to do with more than that alone, lust of the flesh includes whatever you do to satisfy the flesh be it fashion(indecent ones), going against all God's commandment concerning the flesh, what to put on it and what not to put on it, bleaching the skin. Paul writing to the Romans captured lust of the flesh very well even lust of the eyes and also pride of life. Read Romans 1:21-32.

Modern days leaders have allowed so many things into the church with reasons best know to them as we can only guess from the outside. like I said earlier on, you see churches organizing programs and in these programs instead of spiritual upliftments you see fleshy gratification, one funny thing here is that they take fleshy gratification to be spiritual upliftment. What is fleshy gratification?. when in a church program you see all sort of acrobatic displays, Michael Jackson break dance and catwalk, jesters or comedians as they call it these days, indecent dressings and the worst of it even, hip hop, wrappers, immoral dances and dance steps, you will then ask yourself questions, is it then that the leaders of these church have lost focus or is these things part of the gospel Jesus preached while on earth?, is God then responsible for all that is done here on earth?, has the world defeated the church? where is the position of satan in all of these madness?, has the church turned a social gathering?.

Who will bail the church?, Who will stand?, Who will cry out?, Where are the watchmen?. Where are the real men of God?, come, come out for we must cry out against all of these, even the churches who preach holiness, looking at them these days, is like their holiness is only on the outward, please remember I am not judging but I must say the truth and to stand on it no matter you say or think, no matter what you call me. There must be a revolution or revival in today's church. it does not matter which one we prefer, the only sure thing is that one must happen and I pray for revival, things must change, God must surely do something or else the church is lost.

Will the Church leaders please seek the face of God, for the fact that you are praying and miracles are happening in their numbers does not mean you are standing right in the presence of God, earth shaking testimonies in your church should not be how you measure your stand before God. That your church is increasing in number is not for you to think you are standing sure, the Lord our God is a faithful God, He is a God of Covenant, He never breaks a covenant therefore Apostle Paul said in Romans 11:29 "For the gifts and calling of God [are] without repentance." God will not repent of having called you and empower you with His divine power of miracles and signs and wonders and also will never remove them from you even when you err, but one day, you will stand before Him and give account of what you did with the gifts and calling.

Please Church leaders before that great and awful day of the Lord comes, will you please pray and ask God if what you are allowing on your pulpits are pleasing to Him Who called you. Don't just do it because your fellow Christian leaders are doing it or just because you want more members or because you want to attract the elites to your church, what you if you were able to gather them and were unable to deliver them to God who called you. God bless you.